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When you support The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research, you’re helping Canada’s legal community. We fund practical, Canadian research for lawyers, notaries, judges and others in the legal community across the country. This important work equips legal professionals with leading edge information to meet the ever-evolving needs of the profession. What makes us different? Many organizations fund research that focuses on what the law should be. We look at the legal issues that matter most today.

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A lawyer, Quebec notary or judge who has been called to the Bar in a Canadian jurisdiction.
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An academic, researcher or licensed paralegal.
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A retired lawyer, notary or judge called to the Bar in a Canadian jurisdiction.
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A student at a Canadian law school, an articling student in Canada or an individual attending a bar admission course in Canada.
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A legacy donation to our Foundation will help your memory live on for generations to come. Simply name The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research as a beneficiary in your will. This is also a wonderful way to honour the memory of a colleague or loved one.

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