Walter Owen Book Prize Winners

First place
  • Yaëll Emerich, McGill University

    Droit commun des biens : perspective transsystémique (Property Law: A Transsystemic Perspective) [in French only]

  • Florian Martin-Bariteau, University of Ottawa

    Le droit de marque : une approche fonctionnelle dans l’économie globale et numérique (Trademark Law: A Functional Approach in the Global Digital Economy) [in French only]

  • Ivan Tchotourian, Université Laval and Naomi Koffi

    Gouvernance d’entreprise et fonds d’investissement (hedge funds) : réflexions juridiques sur un activisme d’un nouveau genre (Corporate Governance and Investment Funds (Hedge Funds): Reflections on a New Kind of Activism) [in French only]

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First place
  • Jonathan Rudin

    Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System: A Practitioner’s Handbook

  • Arthur Peltomaa

    Understanding Unconstitutionality: How a Country Lost its Way – An Essay in Three Parts

  • Marvin J. Huberman

    A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial Arbitration

  • Philip Girard, York University, Jim Phillips, University of Toronto and R. Blake Brown, St Mary’s University

    A History of Law in Canada: Volume One – Beginnings to 1866

  • Robert J. Sharpe, University of Toronto

    Good Judgment: Making Judicial Decisions

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First place
  • Pascal Fréchette, Université de Sherbrooke

    La restitution des prestations [in French only]

Second place
  • Yan Campagnolo, University of Ottawa

    Le secret ministériel : théorie et pratique (Ministerial Secrecy: Theory and Practice) [in French only]

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