Board of Trustees

Trustees of The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research

  • Michelle C. Awad, Q.C., Chair McInnes Cooper, Halifax, NS
      Ms. Awad is a senior partner in McInnes Cooper’s Litigation and Insurance Groups. She is a Fellow of both the American College of Trial Lawyers and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Her practice areas include commercial litigation, products liability, securities, risk management, shareholder disputes, defamation and insurance.
  • Stephen L. Bresolin, C.P.A., C.A., Secretary-Treasurer Bresolin Consulting, Ottawa, ON
      Mr. Bresolin’s role as trustee and Secretary-Treasurer began in 2007. His work with Bresolin Consulting in Ottawa spans more than a decade. Between 1991 and 2007, Mr. Bresolin served as Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer at the Canadian Bar Association.
  • Bernard Amyot, Ad.E LCM Avocats Inc., Montreal, QC
      For 30 years, Mr. Amyot’s practice has focused on civil and commercial litigation. He has lectured and written frequently on legal issues of interest to clients and acted as lead counsel in numerous class action matters. In 2009, Mr. Amyot received the Quebec Bar’s honorary title of Advocatus Emeritus.
  • Casper M. Bloom, Q.C. Public Service Labour Relations Board, Ottawa, ON
      During 33 years of practice, mostly in Quebec, Mr. Bloom has specialized in labour and employment law. From 2007 to 2012, he was Chair of the Public Service Labour Relations Board in Ottawa. He is currently counsel at Bergman & Associates in Montreal, QC.
  • David C. Day, Q.C. Lewis, Day, St. John's, NL
      Since admission to the Newfoundland and Labrador Bar 50 years ago, Mr. Day has practiced as litigator, primarily in areas of civil, criminal, family, constitutional, personal injury and administrative (judicial defence) law. He has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada and courts of five provinces. He has served as counsel to the Mount Cashel, Turner and numerous sudden death inquiries, and occupied the advocacy chair at University of Calgary Law School. He is author or co-author of books and papers, and a lecturer, on professional responsibility, family and criminal law. He is an editor of The Canadian Bar Review and at Carswell-Thomson Reuters Canada. He was invested as Queen’s Counsel in 1980 and appointed a Master of Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2010. He has been a Director of The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research (and member of the jury responsible for awarding the Walter Owen Book Prize, funded by the Foundation) since 1999.
  • Edwin C. Harris, Q.C. Parklea Consulting Inc., Halifax, NS
      In 2014, in recognition of his status as an extraordinary alumnus, Mr. Harris was inducted into the Bertha Wilson Honour Society at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law. His long career as a corporate and tax litigator has involved writing, as well as lecturing at the former Dalhousie Law School.
  • The Hon. John R.R. Jennings, Q.C. Superior Court of Justice, Toronto, ON
      Mr. Jennings was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1964. Among the prestigious appointments he has held is President of the Canadian Bar Association. In 2000, oral history records from his work with the Advocates' Society Project were deposited with The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History.
  • The Hon. Nicholas Kasirer Cour d'appel du Québec, Montréal, QC
      Nicholas Kasirer has served as a judge in the Quebec Court of Appeal since 2009. His distinguished career at McGill University involved serving in three capacities at the university: as James McGill Professor of Law; Director of the Quebec Centre for Private and Comparative Law; and as Dean of Law from 2003 to 2009. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a Titular Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
  • Jean Lambert Chambre des notaires du Québec, Montréal, QC
      Jean Lambert has enjoyed a private practice in Montreal since 1969. He served as president of Chambre des notaires du Québec from 1984 to 1990 and was re-elected as president in 2009 and served until May 2014. He has been a member of the Commission des soins de fin de vie since 2016. Committed to his community, Jean served as councillor for the municipality of Val-Morin and has been active in provincial politics. He has been a professional radio and television broadcaster and is currently corporate secretary for Éditions du Boréal.
  • Bruce W. MacDougall Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Peter C. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
      Professor MacDougall studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and served as Law Clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada for Mr. Justice Gerald Le Dain from 1986–87. He joined the Allard School of Law at UBC as Assistant Professor in 1988 and holds the posts of Professor of Law (2002) and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (current).
  • Susan T. McGrath Barrister & Solicitor, Iroquois Falls, ON
      Since being called to the bar in 1979, Ms. McGrath has operated a law practice in Iroquois Falls while actively serving the legal community at local, provincial and national levels. Since May 2012, Ms. McGrath has volunteered as Chair of Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company based in Toronto.
  • Michelle J. Ouellette, Q.C. McKercher LLP, Saskatoon, SK
      Ms. Ouellette is a senior litigation partner whose practice focuses on health law and professional defence and regulation. She has been an active volunteer and presenter in both the legal community and the community at large. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2007. Ms. Ouellette currently serves as Chair of the Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission.
  • J. Patrick Peacock, Q.C. Peacock Linder & Halt LLP, Calgary, AB
      For more than 50 years, Mr. Peacock has practiced as a trial lawyer and regulatory counsel. He served as President of the Canadian Bar Association and is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1983.
  • Donald E. Short Superior Court of Justice, Office of the Case Management Masters, Toronto, ON
      Master Short was appointed in 2009 after a distinguished law career that focused on civil litigation, construction law and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The Ontario Bar Association presented him with its Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and its Award for Excellence in ADR in 2001.